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Justice League DELETED SCENES & Missing Characters

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The DC Universe is so confusing. Cyborg shouldn't even be with the league yet, he should be a teen titan. Why is Barry (the flash) an anti-socialist he should already have friends in STAR LABS

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The Guys at WB just can't un-fuck them selves. They got to cut run times and all sorts of other shit. Wanna know why Marvel is doing so well? STOP FUCKIN WITH THE MOVIES. let your directors do their jobs! Fuck.

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I wonder if WB deleted all these scenes on purpose to save them for the blue ray release since movies nowadays get leaked online a month after it's release. Is this a strategy to get dvd sales? Why buy a movie if you can watch it online for free? I gotta believe they're gonna make the movie longer on dvd to make it worth buying. They know the BvS UE was more liked than the theatrical cut.

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The second factor is how these people came into wealth. From the study: 8775 millionaires who have earned their wealth are moderately happier than those who inherited it. 8776

knowing NOTHING about Cyborg going into the movie, I kept thinking they could/should have done a liiiiittle bit of character development.

Yeah it kind sounds like they went out of their way to sabotage their own movie. And why the hell is batman smiling when superman joins the fight, he's the god damn dark knight not a fan girl. I swear all these guys have to do is literally just invite 6 or 7 fan boys to be there during the filming and editing periods and listen to their input, bam instant successful movie. You'd think they don't want to make money.

Those millionaires who feel that they need more money to be happy aren 8767 t crazy. We do know that there is a link between earning more money and increasing feelings of happiness and well-being. That 8767 s how we get the $75,555 figure, too. It comes from a 7565 study published by researchers at Princeton which found that increasing levels of wealth improve day-to-day moods and happiness until you hit a certain level then, there 8767 s no measurable impact.

  • Super Power Brawl 68 дней отступать Flicks And The City less I would’ve liked to see Zack Snyder’s version of justice league

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    In other words, if you 8767 re already relatively wealthy say, a millionaire or billionaire the price of happiness may be much higher than it is for the average American.

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